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Virtual Student Clubs

Fostering student interests outside of the classroom


Fostering a sense of community in virtual schools is vital for student engagement and success. Many virtual schools have introduced virtual student clubs – interest-based groups where students can connect, socialize, and share their passions. By offering opportunities for students to interact outside of academia, schools can incorporate social-emotional learning (SEL) as well as a whole-child approach into their learning experience.


Virtual schools such as Laurel Springs School, My Tech High, and ASU Prep Digital all offer a variety of student clubs and have implemented several helpful practices that include:

  • Letting students lead. Students can take a leadership role in determining the schedule, agenda, and activities the club members will engage in.

  • Involving parents and families. Family members and caregivers can serve as advisors, helping them to feel more involved with their students’ virtual academic journeys.

  • Encouraging students to start new clubs. Students can propose new clubs based on interests and potential membership, along with appropriate adult support. (Example: At Laurel Springs School, students are led through the process of initiating a new club with thoughtful support and guidance from the school’s Student Engagement Manager. The club topic must be school-appropriate, align with school policies, and have a viable number of potential members.)
  • Offering face-to-face time (if possible). If students reside in the same physical area, schools can create space and time for students to meet up in person.

Virtual school clubs can also be a way to connect with community partners and unlock opportunities for students’ budding interests. My Tech High shares an interesting example of working with community partners through an entrepreneurial lens:

“This year, we launched a board game entrepreneur club, teaching kids how to become board game entrepreneurs. One of the exciting things we were able to do was sign a contract with a board game manufacturer, who has agreed to host a ‘Board Game Shark Tank’ every spring for any kid who wants to pitch [their] game to the executives of this manufacturer. If that manufacturer likes and chooses their game to go to market with, they'll pay a five-percent royalty for life to that student.” - Matt Bowman, Co-Founder, My Tech High

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