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Work at Home

24/7 access to provide students more autonomy over when and where they learn


Students at LPS Richmond have 24/7 access to the school’s learning management system, allowing them to work at home. Homework usually takes the form of an assessment, which means students either need to simply take the assessment, or also access learning resources in advance of the assessment. Taking assessments as homework allows for teachers to check data dashboards for completion each day. It is also easy to share the platform (Google Sheets or Gooru) with parents or guardians, creating a better connection between student, family, and school.

Student Does

  • Chooses homework.
  • Brings devices home.
  • Accesses platform at home to complete goals they set for the week.
  • Shares progress with family.

Teacher Does

  • Ensures students are getting the support they need in class so they can complete work at home.
  • Allows students to choose their homework.
  • Checks student data for completion of homework.
  • Shares student progress with family.

Technology Does

  • Provides an open platform for students to learn at home.
  • Provides data that is easy to share and understand for families.

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