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Strategy: Centralized Support for Teachers

Network-level supports for hardware, data, and instructional chellenges


ReNEW provides teachers with three levels of support:

1) Hardware: ReNEW has a central IT team. Teachers request support through ZenDesk tickets.

2) Data: ReNEW has a data team to assist with rostering, data dashboards and access, and account set-up. This data team works proactively to get teachers up and running as well as through report provision throughout the year. They are also available to teachers through email.

3) Instructional: ReNEW has a Director of Personalized Learning who helps to oversee, coordinate, and support personalized and blended initiatives across campuses. This Director, who brings significant instructional expertise, researches and helps select technologies, provides training and professional development, and works directly with teachers as they pilot new approaches. 

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