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Strategy: GAFE-Based Learning Management System

Using Google Apps to manage content and data


One of West Belden’s key challenges has been finding the right learning management system (LMS). They have gone so far as to work in-depth with multiple software providers, attempting to customize off-the-shelf offerings to meet their needs. In spite of their efforts, they have not been able to find the right LMS, or at least not one that justifies the time and dollar cost. As such, currently they employ Google Drive and related Google Apps as their primary LMS.

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Photo of laptop and hand with papers nearby

Short-Cycle Software Selection

West Belden has developed a short-cycle piloting approach to software selection.

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CICS West Belden Software Suite

West Belden uses a variety of software programs to plan instruction, asses and...

Explore More Technology Strategies at CICS West Belden