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Direct Instruction for Non-cognitive Skills at LPS


Walk through of how the first two units are structured as a class.

LPS initially built and tested their Academic Numeracy course in Google Sheets, and many of those practices have been captured as Blended and Personalized Learning Strategies. LPS has worked with Gooru to create Navigate Math, a free tool any school can use. These screencasts cover strategies that can be applied through both Google Sheets and Navigate Math, though the latter is used in screencasts for demonstration purposes.

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Example: Learner-Led Classroom Management (IgnitED Research)

This video shares evidence from the learning sciences and a practitioner perspective around classroom management.

Student Support Network of Advocate Counselors

Advocate counselors provide social support to students throughout the day. Each class (or Arena) is staffed with a counselor.

Collaboration between Teachers and Advocate Counselors

Generalist teachers and Advocate Counselors co-teach in order to address each student’s academic and social-emotional needs in a strategic...