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Example: Goals for the Week at LPS Richmond

An LPS student explains her process for setting her goals for the week.


Student: Interviewer: What's your name?
Student: My name is Janelly.
Interviewer: What are your goals for this week?
Student: My goal is to complete at least 12 assessments.
Interviewer: Is that a lot or a little?
Student: We only have this class for three days. So, that means I have to do homework too.
Interviewer: How did you pick that goal for the week?
Student: I want to challenge myself so that means I only do three in class. So, that means I have to do six for homework.
Interviewer: So, three in class today, three in class on Friday, and six for homework. When do you set the goals for the week?
Student: On Monday.
Interviewer: How do you do that? You just pick a random number.
Student: Miss Thomas gives us time. I look at my to-do list. I see what I'm going to do. I have to pick.
Interviewer: Can you talk about your to-do list for a second? [...] Right now, or just this week?
Student: Today, just for today.
Interviewer: Did you put that in there or did the teacher?
Student: I put that in there.
Interviewer: How did you know to put that in there?
Student: I go to the unit four because I'm in unit four. There are assessments right there. I just have to do whichever is next.
Interviewer: Do all your teammates have the same amount of goals this week?
Student: No. We have different groups.
Interviewer: Do you talk to your teammates about your goals?
Student: Yeah. Miss Thomas gives us two minutes to talk about our goals.
Interviewer: Do you talk with Miss Thomas about your goals?
Student: No.
Interviewer: You just set them.
Student: Yeah.
Interviewer: Do you think she's ever talked to anybody if they don't set the right goals or anything like that?
Student: Yeah. She'll be like you can do more. Push yourself.
Interviewer: Do you like setting your own goals for the week?
Student: Yes.
Interviewer: Why?
Student: It's what I can do and I try to push myself.

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