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Mastery Charter Schools: Blended, Culturally Responsive Teaching Pilot

Mastery Charter Schools wanted to solve a problem in their network: “How might we build a blended learning model that fosters achievement and independence in our high school students?” After seeking stakeholder input and brainstorming a range of options, the design team decided to pilot the integration of ISTE Standards for Students into high school lesson plans.

This pilot had several assumed benefits. It would provide a clear anchor point for the district’s transition to a blended learning model, it would clarify what it looks like to build student ownership and independence in their learning, and it would give teachers much-needed guidelines and supports as they facilitate this change.

Mastery’s pilot focused on a couple of classrooms to start. Teachers were coached to integrate ISTE Standards for Students with selected course content. The design team specifically focused on two standards (Knowledge Constructor and Creative Communicator), as those most closely align with the network’s goal of boosting student independence and with the Ready for Rigor culturally responsive teaching (CRT) framework used in the network. Lastly, the design team created a project plan to map out the pilot timeline, engage school leaders and teachers, and get to work.

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