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Mastery Charter Schools: Including a Diverse Array of Voices

Mastery Charter Schools began a design process to improve teaching and learning with a team of academic executives. Important among the charter network’s mission and values is the weight they place on equity: “We disrupt systemic racism and the inequities that limit our students’ choices. We nurture a culture where all staff, students, and families are seen and valued.” As a team, they reflected on whether their composition would honor that commitment. When the group self-identified limitations to their perspectives and experiences, they took steps to include the voices of staff with vantage into the lives of students – especially those most marginalized. This approach ensured that the teachers and students closest to challenges in the district had a say in designing solutions. It also helped the team develop a design that could actually be used day-to-day, as teachers and students could provide an “on-the-ground” perspective to inform the work.

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