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modEL Detroit

modEL Detroit, an initiative of StandardsWorks, is supporting Detroit Public Schools in K-8 ELA by providing both planning and delivering resources to support teachers implementing the EL Education curriculum. It has developed Powerpoint slides that accompany each EL Education lesson, providing educators with a distilled and more manageable version of the curriculum. Each deck represents one lesson, and it is divided into teacher preparation support and student-facing materials.

  • Teacher preparation slides cover:
    • Purpose of lesson
    • Learning targets for students
    • Directions for facilitating different parts of the model, such as independent reading and small-group blocks
    • Overview of module and units
    • Suggested lesson pacing for teachers
  • Student-facing materials cover:
    • Learning targets and "I can" statements
    • Student activities
    • Checks for understanding
    • Homework, where applicable
  • Example: Grade 7 Module 1, Unit 1

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