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Roots Executive Director Discusses Flexible Instruction through Data Use

Roots ED and Founder, Jonathan Hanover, discusses how Roots uses data to create long term learning plans as well as adjust near-daily to inform groupings.


Transcript: Jon Hanover: – one of the things that's really unique about our model is that we have the ability to strategically form and reform groups throughout the day, which means we're not stuck in a trap of having to either be completely heterogeneous and random as far as how kids are grouped together. And, we don't have to be purely homogeneous or tracked, right? It gives us the flexibility to have the right kind of group formation for the right kind of content. We also use data along the way and between cycles to either make adjustments to some of those groups, to schedule additional pull outs. For instance, our math teacher will often notice that these five kids are struggling with this or these ten kids didn't get this in my lesson today and so will schedule them for remediation the next day.