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Roots Executive Director Discussing How Much Time Students Spend on Online Programs

Roots ED and Founder, Jonathan Hanover, discusses how the school thinks about time spent online for learning (currently roughly 25% of the day).


Transcript: Jon Hanover: the 25-percent is by no means a magic number; it's kind of a – that's really driven by where we see the quality of digital content out there and kind of what mix makes sense for an individual. And it varies by scholar, right? There's some kinds who, just like ST math is their jam and like they're just cruising through it and really deeply retaining the information, and so they might spend, you know, as much as 35 or 40-percent of their time on digital learning. There's other kids who like physical manipulatives really make a big difference, they want to be able to like physically write in a portfolio, and get more out of that experience, and they might be spending 10 to 15-percent of their time on digital apps – on digital learning. So it varies by scholar, and I think as I would expect over the coming years, as the market for digital curriculum improves, that number will probably go up as there's more kind of high-quality instructional experiences available online.

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