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Advice: Upgrading Statewide School Internet Connectivity

EducationSuperHighway’s State Partnership Program


With the growing demand for robust connectivity in the classroom, state leaders face a complex challenge in bringing access to scale. EducationSuperHighway (ESH) partners with state leaders to set goals, identify opportunities to deploy scalable infrastructure, and increase affordability by providing consulting services and tools for school districts.

EducationSuperHighway works to help states achieve equal access to broadband in all schools, however ESH is not a service provider nor a vendor - as a mission-driven non-profit (and an early grantee of The Learning Accelerator) they offer all of their products and services at no charge. ESH publishes an annual “State of the States” report that provides useful statistics on the status of K-12 connectivity state-by-state, as well as guidance on policy measures.

Strategy Resources

ESH State of the States Report

An interactive report from EducationSuperHighway on the status of K-12 connectivity state-by-state. Learn More

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