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Roots Executive Director Provides Overview of Utilizing NWEA MAP

Roots ED and Founder, Jonathan Hanover, discusses how the team uses NWEA's MAP assessment to understand how the school is doing compared to others nationally.


Transcript: Jon Hanover: We take the NWEA MAP fall, winter, spring, and that's kind of our like – all right, like, how are we doing compared to other schools metric. You know, the assessments that we use in-house for those kind of six to eight week cycles, we built them ourselves. Which are great, and it gives us the data that we need instructionally, but it doesn't give us – especially as we're in our first year and don't really – haven't really benchmarked them yet. It doesn't give us a great picture of how we're doing compared to other schools, and that's what we use math for, is to say – all right, we know – I don't know, thousands of schools that use math. So we can see kind of how our kids are performing versus other kids.

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