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Student Choice at LPS Richmond

Sophia Thomas, teacher, explains the parameters of choice available to students, which include what to work on, in which order, at what pace, and when to attempt to demonstrate mastery.


Transcript: Sophia Thomas: They choose what they're learning, what time they're learning. They go at their own pace for the most part. The biggest thing is they choose when they take their summative assessment. Every unit has a unit exam that accompanies that unit. There's also a diagnostic at the start. We make them take a diagnostic to identify the foundation. This is where you're starting. I want them to compare how much they've grown over the course of that unit. How much time they spent and how much their knowledge has increased. So, kids choose what they're working on. They choose how they want to learn that. There are different resources that are embedded within the dashboard. Some you've got to read. Some you've got to watch. Some are interactive ILO stuff. So, they have that choice. They are required to take notes whichever learning resource they're using. Then they take the assessment. They choose their homework. There are a minimum number of tasks you can do but you get to choose what you want to do for homework. Just the idea of choice around those things helps personalize their learning and gives them a greater sense of ownership about what they're learning, when they're learning it, and how they're going prove mastery on this thing.

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