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Student Ownership of Grades at Lindsay

Teacher Brandy Quintero explains how she holds students acocuntable for keeping track of their progress and grades in Empower.


Transcript: Brandy Quintero: You've probably heard some of those conversations today: "Ms. Quintero, you said I had a 3 on this assignment; look at it. But in Educate it still says a 2.5." And, again, holding them accountable, because that's what happens in college, right, you know, nobody's telling you what your grade is, you need to be checking up on that and keeping track of it. And so we're trying to prepare them for those situations as well. So I always tell them, "It's your job to go on Educate, see if I've entered it, and if I haven't, be like, 'Op, can you fix it?'" You work with them on the conversations on how to do that politely. And we're teachers, we make mistakes, and "I just missed it, sorry." So it's teaching a whole lot of skills within that.

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