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Teacher Discusses How She Modifies Her Time to Meet Students' Needs at Roots

Roots teacher, Lecksy Wolk, shares how she prioritizes small-group instruction time given competing needs and demands within a personalized learning environment.


Transcript: Lecksy Wolk: I divide based on what I think kids need the most. So, obviously, I try to meet with my kids that are the most behind the most to remediate them. And so, my groups that are the most behind, I meet with every day, whereas kids that I just need to check in with, or like, give them enough – something else to work on, I meet with probably once or twice a week. And another thing that – but I do meet with every child once a week at least. And, another thing that I think about it also just their ability to do independent work. So, five is a very interesting age where you have some kids that are super independent. Or even if they're a little bit older, you know, so we have K and 1. So we have kids that are six, pushing seven. And so, they may tend to be more independent. And so I may be able to show them an activity once and have them go do it in the flex center by themselves. So, I don't need them to come to my small group every day to do the same activity if they can do it by themselves. And so, I can be very strategic about, this group of kids is someone that I need to meet with more often, even if they're working on the same thing, because I can show this group once or twice and have them go practice it by themselves – whereas this group needs to be monitored the whole time.

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