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Teacher Discusses Leveraging Student Feedback at Roots

Roots teacher, Lecksy Wolk, explains how teachers are able to elicit and integrate student feedback to give them more choice and ownership over learning plans.


Transcript: Lecksy Wolk: I think right now, I think as the technology is new, and as our scholars are new, and we're kind of we're all – we're kind of like, learning to navigate the system together, it's not as high leverage as we'd want it to be, to be honest. But, what I think is – what we've built in is that – so kids have one-on-ones with their coaches. Hopefully once every two weeks, that's the goal. And they're asked, how is the grove? How are your activities? How is your class? And it's very, very easy for us in our system to be like, oh, you don't like this one activity? Okay. So you still need to do it, but we can add in other activities around it so that we're like, what do you want to do right before and right after? Right? You're like, okay. So this is your like, a kid can be like, wow, I really don't like playing ST Math. Okay. We still need to play ST Math, but what if we put Legos on either side of that so you knew that right after you went to Legos the first time, you were gonna go play ST Math. But right after, you also got to go play Legos again. And it's a conversation that a five year-old can have with an adult, right? And say like, I don't like this activity. I want to try something different. Or, I really like this activity and I want to do it twice.

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