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Teacher Discusses Personalized Learning Experiences at Roots

Roots teacher, Megan Miles, explains how rotations through different activities are personalized to student need and choice.


Transcript: Megan Miles: when they're in the grove, each kid has a different grove schedule. So they're the same activities, more or less, that the kids are doing, but they might be doing – one kid might be going to the flex center and doing a specially designed activity just for them. Another kid may be spending two rotations in the library because they really want to practice their reading, or they like just staying in the library a little bit longer. It helps them calm down – feel calm. Other kids are going from like, iPad, to library, to writing to iPad, to flex, to maker's – 'cause they need that movement. Or, we might have kids doing a couple of like, different kinds of games in their iPad center to help target like, where their academic priorities are. So, even though all kids pretty much are going to all the centers, they're not all doing the same activities, and they're doing them in different orders in a different rate so that it feels a lot more personalized for them.

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