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Teacher Discusses Sharing Information via GroupMe at Roots

Roots teacher, Lecksy Wolk, explains how teachers use a group messaging app to communicate about student needs and plans throughout the day.


Transcript: Lecksy Wolk: Another thing that I can do is – let their coach know. 'Cause sometimes it's not – sometimes a behavior is not the cause itself, right? It's a reaction to something, and that might be something at home. That might be something that happened in a friendship earlier that day, and so I can also be like, hmmm, I noticed that you're struggling, but I also have seen you solve this problem before. So I'm gonna let your coach know that you could use a conversation, and we have a group meet running where I can just like, let his or her coach know that they need a conversation. And within an hour or so, an adult will come pull them and have a conversation with whatever child they need to talk to.

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