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Teacher Explains Calendar Use at Roots

Roots teacher, Samantha Gambino, how she uses Google Calendar to support daily instruction and student workflow.


Transcript: Samantha Gambino: the way that we know where to be and what to do is – everything is run off of Google Calendars for us. So just like if you would if you were working in a business with all adults, we all are calendared for everything, so I know exactly when to pull my small groups of kids. I calendar them as well. So like, little mini-grownups, I put them into Google Calendar, and they come and show up to my door, and I wait for them there. So basically, our day is laid out in terms of content teachers, which I am, is that we have flex time, which is small group time. Then we have content, which is whole group time, and then we go back and forth throughout the day.

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