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UnboundEd Enhance Instruction Tools

UnboundEd offers Enhance Instruction tools, a set of free professional learning resources for teachers and leaders that focus on the application of content related to the standards in K-12 math and English Language Arts.

  • The content guide in math aims to clarify what standards-aligned instruction looks like. Each content guide focuses on specific groups of standards and follows a three-part structure.
    • Part 1 makes clear the student skills and understandings described by this group of standards.
    • Part 2 explains how this group of standards is connected to other standards in the same grade.
    • Part 3 explains how this group of standards is connected to other standards in higher grades.
  • The content guide in ELA focuses on fluency and demonstrates how fluency practice can be integrated into ELA and instruction across content areas. It includes four parts.
    • Part 1 defines reading fluency and why it is important for overall reading proficiency.
    • Part 2 provides insight into how fluency can be fostered within thoughtfully structured ELA instruction.
    • Part 3 provides proven and practical activities, framed by the expectations of the standards, that can be integrated into the ELA classrooms.
    • Part 4 provides guidance on how many of these activities can be used to support fluency beyond the ELA classrooms.

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