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COVID-19 Quick View: Remote Learning Guidance & Resources

Getting Started

In addition to ensuring interoperability, privacy, and security, data systems can also capture and aggregate massive amounts of student data. To begin configuring these systems such that they can also be used to measure program implementation and/or their effects on teacher practice as well as student learning, it is important to first understand key components that both influence and inform instructional decisions. Explore these key resources to learn more about what these strategies and models look like in action.

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Most Popular Resources for Data Systems Administrators

Remote Classroom Jobs

Creating classroom jobs for students in remote learning environments

Social-Emotional Learning Small Groups

Guided small group time for social-emotional learning

Battle Questions

Academic game to demonstrate mastery and move up a level

Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Give students a chance to incorporate movement in an engaging way

Muted Share-Aloud

Providing flexibility for camera use during synchronous lessons

Remote Learning: Planning for Improvement

Power Moves for Remote Learning

1:1 Data Conferences

Students and teachers frequently conference to ensure students understand their data and use it to improve their learning

Data Dashboard for Progress Monitoring

Teacher uses data dashboard to understand where each student is in their learning pathway

Defining Clear Roles in Group Work

Supporting each student to be successful and collaborative during small-group time

Active Activities

Applying movement to learning activities in remote and in-person settings

Expectations Ensure Engagement

Outlining clear expectations for small-group work in remote settings

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Data Systems Administrator Voices
We know that the theory of personalized learning is powerful but the actual nuts and bolts of implementations is extremely difficult. A lot of the work that TLA does from the practices website to their data work make personalized learning concrete with voices from actual teachers and administrators who are practitioners.
Innovation Directors Network (IDN) Participant