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Remote Learning: Planning for Improvement

Power Moves for Remote Learning


This resource is intended to help school and district leaders understand, reflect upon, and prioritize actions to improve student learning in remote settings. The guide:

  • Is organized around five key school leadership focus areas, which enable critical best practices effective schools and districts engage in daily across in-person and remote learning settings. Its aim is to offer support for launching, improving, and removing barriers to effective instruction in virtual settings.
  • Highlights specific school-based “Power Moves,” examples and resources, and supportive system conditions that are particularly critical to ensuring high-quality teaching and learning in distance and online environments for all students.
  • Can be used in concert with the accompanying deeper Remote Learning Reflection Tool to help leaders assess current readiness and practice and then work with their teams and technical assistance partners to choose areas for highest-impact.

Strategy Resources

Remote Learning Reflection Tool

This self-assessment tool helps leaders assess current readiness and practice and then work with their... Learn More