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From Theory to Practice: How Blended and Personalized Learning Comes to Life in the Classroom

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Daniel Owens

The Learning Accelerator

On Thursday, December 1, 2016 Future Ready Schools®(FRS) held a webinar as part of its Leadership Hub. The panelists included:

Daniel Owens, Partner, The Learning Accelerator
Tom Murray, Director of Innovation, Future Ready Schools, Alliance for Excellent Education
Nikolaus Namba, Director of 21st Century Learning,Lindsay Unified School District (CA)

While technology is nearly commonplace in K–12 classrooms, many educators are often left wondering how best to use it to improve teaching and learning. The Learning Accelerator (TLA) has spent the past year researching, capturing, and sharing more than 150 high-quality blended and personalized learning strategies to illustrate how technology can best be used to improve instruction.

This webinar highlighted how TLA thinks technology can be used to benefit every student in America and offered specific classroom examples of where technology is accelerating student learning. Panelists provided unique insights into these practices, including how they evolved from an idea to an instructional strategy, as well as the conditions and supports that make them possible.

Panelists solicited questions and feedback from the audience in order to provide a more engaging experience.  Also they provided resources that would allow audience members to deepen their learning about blended and personalized learning practices.


Daniel Owens

The Learning Accelerator

Daniel Owens is a Partner with The Learning Accelerator