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Customized Playlists to Keep Learners on Track

Facilitator-created playlists to provide appropriate learning pathways and resources for each Learner


At Lindsay High School, playlists are created based on Learner knowledge gaps. In English Language Development (ELD), this is usually triangulated from California English Language Development (CELDT) and Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI) scores, as well as overall progress through the Empower platform. The Facilitator creates playlists that explicitly state which learning objectives Learners need to show proficiency in by the end of the year and Learners access learning activities for these objectives. Learners are able to adjust some of these based on progress and challenging objectives.


Student Does

  • Progresses through learning objectives in playlist.
  • Provides feedback to Facilitator about progress and challenges in case the playlist needs to be adjusted.

Teacher Does

  • Analyzes data to determine Learner knowledge gaps.
  • Creates personalized playlist to address knowledge gaps.
  • Adjusts Learner playlists as their learning progresses.

Technology Does

  • Provides data system that allows Facilitators to use multiple sources of data to determine Learner knowledge gaps.
  • Provides structure for playlists and resources that the Facilitator can quickly create or adjust and the Learner can easily access.

Strategy Resources

Personalized Playlists at Lindsay

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