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6-8 Week Learning Groups

Periodic benchmark assessments to determine student progress and adjust student learning paths


After teachers analyze data from the mastery assessments, they are able to determine similarities and trends. This allows them to identify challenging standards and groups of students struggling on similar topics. The teacher will create groups of students in each content area to help those students where they need it most. These groups, which are composed based on skill as opposed to traditional grade level, will meet at least weekly throughout the next cycle. This provides targeted, medium-term support where students need it most.


Student Does

  • Takes periodic benchmark assessments to measure progress.
  • Discusses progress with teachers.
  • Continues learning based on teacher-created schedules.

Teacher Does

  • Analyzes benchmark data to determine individual student trends, as well as group ones.
  • Uses data to help create large and small groups to meet weekly over the course of the next cycle.
  • Adjusts individual student learning schedules and playlists based on their progress.

Technology Does

  • Provides an easy to use data interface for teachers to analyze trends and make decisions about student learning.
  • Provides a tool that allows teachers to easily schedule and coordinate student groups.
  • Provides a tool that allows teachers to easily create and adjust student learning playlists.

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