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At Home Access to the Summit Learning Platform

Family and student-friendly interface to improve at home learning


Pleasant View Elementary students are able to work on their Summit Learning Platform at home. Parents can view student progress online. The Summit platform is color-coded so parents can easily determine what students have learned and what they need help with.

PLP Parent Login
This is a screenshot of the parent log in for the Summit PLP.

Pleasant View also conferences with families to help them understand the Summit Basecamp approach, explaining how to access materials and information as well as walking them directly through the platform.

Student Does

  • Accesses platform to work outside of class.
  • Shares platform and progress with their family.

Teacher Does

  • Allows students to take devices home.
  • Shares specific data with families.

Technology Does

  • Provides easy to use interface to allow students to work at home.
  • Allows families to easily understand student progress.

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