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Authentic Projects

Assessment of mastery through projects in addition to skill-based learning


At Pleasant View Elementary, cognitive skills are integrated into the curriculum through projects intended to deepen learning. These projects are paced throughout the year on a student’s learning plan and complement independent learning time on playlists. Within Summit’s Personalized Learning Platform (PLP), teachers can access over 200 projects or add their own, aligning them to both cognitive skills as well as core academic concepts linked to Common Core Standards. While students may work at their own pace to complete project tasks, the teachers may add in direct instruction or group learning activities to introduce key ideas and concepts.

This is a screenshot of a project in the Summit PLP.

Student Does

  • Accesses project information on the PLP.
  • Self-paces through project tasks, using playlists, linked resources, peers, and teachers for support.
  • Uses a rubric to determine if they have met the mastery bar for demonstrating cognitive skills.
  • Submits their project for teacher assessment.

Teacher Does

  • Selects or creates projects on the PLP.
  • Provides support and instruction as students work through projects.
  • Assesses skill mastery once a student submits a project task deliverable.

Technology Does

  • Displays project details and rubrics.
  • Allows for students to submit written work and artifacts to teachers for assessment.

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