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Break Timers

Embedding breaks with suggested activities into your daily schedule


Providing students with frequent breaks allows them to stay more engaged in your lesson, keep focused, and helps to improve behavior. When providing students with break time, whether in remote or in-person settings, creating a structure can encourage students to actually take a break rather than continuing to work – and can help them stay on track.

When creating these structured breaks, embed a break time slide into your lesson deck. On the slide, be sure to include a timer so that students have both a visual and an audio reminder of when their break starts and begins. You can also include suggestions for different activities the students can do during break time to encourage them to get up and move. For example, they could use this time to stretch, get a drink, or spend some time with their pets.

For a fun modification, you can start playing music when the break is coming to an end to ensure students know to start coming back and ask the students if they know the name of the song.