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Capacity Matrix

Providing an explicit learning agenda to guide Learners through each learning unit


Lindsay High School Learners have access to a “capacity matrix” that lists out what Learners need to do and over what period of time. Learners are able to go faster if they want to. The matrix lets Learners know which standards are being addressed and what assignments and assessments go along with it.

Student Does

  • Reviews the capacity matrix to determine what they need to learn during a module.
  • Determines how fast they would like to progress through the module’s assignments and assessments.

Teacher Does

  • Provides a list of essential standards and learning objectives that Learners must learn within each module.
  • Allows Learners to move faster than suggested pace, so long as they are mastering content.

Technology Does

  • Provides a template for the learning agenda for Learners and Facilitators.
  • Provides a resource bank for Learners to access content of their choosing.

Strategy Resources

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