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Coordinating Student Supports with Facilitation Plans

Creating a common document to help track students’ progress and supports in a flexible learning environment


At Bronx Arena courses are pre-written, so teachers do not need to engage in day-to-day lesson planning. This gives teachers the opportunity to fine-tune the curriculum around individual needs based on daily data through a facilitation plan. Facilitation plans are created weekly and provide students and teachers with a structure to map out learning goals. Students and teachers meet to create and adjust facilitation plans, which can be adjust daily (if needed). During meetings, the student and teacher identify a goal for the week ahead, including:

    • The learning objective(s)
    • How the objective(s) will be assessed
    • What supports will be provided to help that student achieve that goal (e.g. mini-lessons, pull-out content support, 1:1 time)

Teachers often utilize facilitation plans to be proactive, providing proper scaffolding and supports before a student struggles to the point of frustration with a learning objective. These plans help educators at Bronx Arena work toward their ultimate goal of “right kid, right lesson, right day.” Students are also engaged in achieving these goals because they are empowered to take part in a collaborative conversation through which they can reference data in their tracker to support their specific needs. Facilitation plans also make it easier for generalist teachers to see what all of their students are working on in a giving week, helping them coordinate proper academic supports.

Student Does

  • Meets weekly with teacher to identify a learning goal, which is populated in a facilitation plan.
  • Meets with teacher as needed to adjust their learning goals and supports, based on progress and needs.
  • Follows structure of facilitation plan throughout the week, meeting with content specialists in the times and places described in the plan.

Teacher Does

  • Generalist meets with students to determine their objectives for the week and what supports they will need to meet these objectives.
  • Generalist coordinates supports for each student throughout the week and determines the best times for their small groups or 1:1 time.
  • Generalist creates facilitation plan that includes learning goals and supports for each student, each week.
  • Specialists provide content-specific instructional support.

Technology Does

  • Houses the facilitation plan, a shared digital document to ensure teachers and students are on the same page.
  • Helps identify student progress and needs through the data tracker, which could lead to modifications of the facilitation plan or instructional supports.

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