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Coordination Between Core Content and Math Focus Teachers

Collaborating over student data to ensure instructional time is used effectively


In addition to a more traditional core math class (Core), Valor students spend one semester a year in a Content Focus Math Class (Focus), providing students with extra time for skill building and filling knowledge gaps. In order to ensure students are best supported and engage in supplemental, rather than redundant, math instruction, Core and Focus teachers regularly collaborate and coordinate instruction and content.

At the beginning of the school year, Core and Focus teachers agree upon the grade-level standards for each class. Valor strategically identifies and pulls out three to four weeks of grade-level math content from the Core curriculum into the Focus curriculum, allowing for more in-depth learning with foundational math concepts in the Core classes.

During data days (days set aside for collaborating and planning from student mastery data) Core and Focus teachers analyze data from standardized, internal benchmark assessments that cover Core math content. Focus teachers identify standards with 65% of students (or less) reaching mastery, and then design their upcoming curriculum to reteach and review the standard to increase overall mastery. Valor also creates systems and leverages coaches to create structures for collaboration among the teachers.

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