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Family Events Calendar

Bringing parents and families together through virtual events


When students attend school in person, there are numerous events hosted on campus (e.g., recitals, sports games, homecoming) that build a sense of community and offer opportunities for parents and families to connect with each other. In a virtual setting, schools can continue to foster that community by offering online events, organized in a central calendar, which parents, caregivers, and families can attend based on their schedule and preferences. When planned and executed well, virtual events can offer greater flexibility and equity by hosting events at various times (and more than once!) so that busy and/or working families and caregivers are able to attend at a time that fits in their schedule

Key Considerations

When planning out a family event calendar, it’s important to keep the following considerations in mind to ensure participation and convenience:

  • Timing: Offer events at different times of the day so families with different schedules can attend. Events can be repeated or scheduled multiple times to ensure families can still join if they miss the first opportunity.

  • Communication: Proactively share upcoming events with families by posting them in an online interactive calendar on the school website and provide reminders about upcoming events that may be relevant to them. Make sure to communicate this information in multiple languages (matching your community population) to ensure everyone is able to engage and language does not become a barrier to access.

  • Variety: Think outside of the box and offer a variety of events that may appeal to the school’s diverse family population. For example, schools can host virtual events that culturally represent their student body, such as “Diwali Night” or “An Evening of Menorah Lighting.” Schools can offer unique opportunities to connect with school leaders, such as coffee chats with school leaders, which may not be possible in a traditional school setting.