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Family Facebook Groups

Connecting families across the country through Facebook


Using social media to connect students and families can help build an online community where parents and caregivers can ask questions, share resources, or engage in discussions to better support their student’s academic journey. Many schools have formed family Facebook groups and have invited families to join as a way to keep them involved in the school community, regardless of location.

Ideas for Family Facebook Groups

Bringing families together online offers opportunities for schools to engage with parents and caregivers in a different medium. Here are some innovative ideas to make these groups more engaging and successful:

  • Plan in-person meetups: Virtual schools can enroll students from various parts of the state or country. School staff and/or families can plan local in-person meetups to bring these communities together and form in-person relationships.

  • Share resources: Schools can offer helpful resources and connections that may help ease families’ worries or bolster their ability to support their students. For example, schools can connect families with local tutors for academic support or regional college campuses that may offer additional courses. Parents can also offer each other advice on course selection or how to check students’ assignments and grades.

  • Collect feedback: Schools can collect feedback directly from families in a more social and easy-to-approach way, rather than using traditional surveys. Parents and caregivers may be more willing to engage quickly through Facebook since they may already be using this platform in their personal lives. For example, schools can ask for parents’ opinions on a recent tech platform they’ve been using or which new student clubs they should introduce next year.

Strategy Resources

Feedback-Based Family Facebook Groups

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