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Family Welcome Calls

Reaching out to students’ families to establish strong relationships


In a virtual learning environment, parents, caregivers, and/or other family members play an increasingly important role in supporting their students throughout their online journey. Connecting with families in a meaningful way and building strong relationships can help lay the foundation for a more successful virtual experience.


Virtual schools can make a concerted effort to reach out to families in a multitude of ways, through a range of modalities including phone calls, text messages, and emails. The following virtual schools incorporated different methods to engage families and ensure alignment, support, and consistent communication.

  • Taos Academy: Every staff member, from instructional staff to administrative personnel, is assigned a list of 10 to 15 student families and a script with questions to ensure that every Taos Academy family receives direct communication by phone prior to the start of school, setting them up with supports and preparing them to engage in the school year successfully.

  • ASU Prep Digital: Teachers call each of their students’ families to learn more about the student’s interests, hobbies, and goals, as well as ways they can support the student to be successful in school. This helps guide curriculum, create effective supporting structures, and work to make students and families heard from the beginning.

Strategy Resources

Family Outreach Script

Every staff member at Taos Academy, from instructional staff to administrative personnel, receives this script... Learn More

Family Communication Log

Teachers at ASU Prep Digital use this template to track their communication (e.g., phone calls... Learn More