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Lovett's Flex Fridays

Addressing student learning needs outside core content areas


Flex Fridays are a way for students in 4-5 learning pods to engage in learning outside of core academic content. Lovett originally used this allocated time on Fridays for remediation/catch-up time. After implementing this approach, the staff noticed a high degree of fatigue and decided to change strategies. Flex Fridays now provide learning opportunities for students outside of core content, based on student interests and needs.

Flex Fridays foster student growth and learning. Teachers and students work together to identify areas of interest and need, and teachers offer a variety of options for students to choose from on Fridays. Students sometimes teach a class to other students on Flex Fridays, leveraging relevant skills. For example, a student who speaks Spanish may teach a Spanish class, improving other students Spanish skills while improving their own presentation and speaking skills. Sample topics on Flex Fridays include: Spanish, drumming, drawing, Pokemon card design, how to build something, how to present, how to change a car tire, and pitching a tent.

(This Approach is Illustrative of LEAP's Learner Focused, Demonstrated, & Led Strategies)

Student Does

  • Provides feedback to teachers about areas of interest and need (outside of core content).
  • Offers to teach a class on Flex Friday (optional).

  • Selects Flex Friday learning opportunities of interest.

Teacher Does

  • Solicits feedback from students about areas of interest and need (outside of core content).
  • Determines Flex Friday opportunities based on student feedback (informal polling, data from Learner Profiles, etc.) throughout the year.

  • Allows students to choose from a variety of options for Flex Fridays.

  • Engages in learning activities with students.

  • Monitors students and provides support as needed.

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