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Guide: Personalized PD at Dallas ISD

A multi-phase competency-based system with concrete "look-fors"


The Personalized Learning Coaching and Development Tool defines five domains and twenty high-leverage teacher and student actions which distinguish effective personalized learning environments.

The tool is carefully scaffolded across four levels of proficiency for each action and is designed to be non-evaluative in nature. The “achieving” proficiency level represents the ultimate goal for teachers who are building their personalized learning craft. However, progression to “achieving” won’t happen overnight. Consequently, the rubric strands have been categorized into three implementation phases:

  • Phase 1 - In Phase 1, prioritized strands are foundational skills in a personalized learning environment. Without these as a baseline, increasingly complex personalization will be challenging.
  • Phase 2 - In Phase 2, prioritized strands are aligned to personalization at the individual student level, e.g., personalized formative assessments, customized pathways, etc.
  • Phase 3 - In Phase 3, prioritized strands dive deeper into building and maintaining authentic student agency so that students are driving their own learning as much as possible.

Check out The PL Toolbox for look-fors, questions to guide observation/ask students, resources, and artifacts of practices in action in Dallas ISD classrooms organized by rubric strand. View the extended PL Coaching and Development Tool.