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Guide: TNTP's Re-imagining Teaching in a Blended Classroom

A working paper for districts and schools

Key Take-Aways

TNTP, a TLA grantee, developed this strategy resource for districts and schools to help them rethink their human capital systems to support blended learning. Core to their findings was the discovery that in blended learning classrooms there isn’t one standard “redefined” educator role. Rather, new teaching and learning models create opportunities for expanding the roles a teacher can play. TNTP looked at the many tasks teachers were undertaking in blended and personalized models and identified three different buckets of work:

  • Research and development (R&D) of new online and offline tools and content to define instructional approaches
  • Integrating content, approaches, and data coming from R&D and the classroom in order to plan out student learning pathways
  • Guiding students dynamically along their learning process, providing in-time coaching, support, and content expertise

Put together, these three groups of tasks, which we can break into distinct roles, paint a more complete picture of what it takes for an educator to implement blended learning. The working paper offers leaders actionable ideas and tools to start articulating how staff will work together in blended learning schools.


In the spring of 2013, TLA invested in TNTP, a national nonprofit committed to ending the injustice of educational inequity, to develop guidance to help districts and schools rethink their human capital systems to support blended learning. The organization released its findings as a working paper in November 2014. This paper, “Reimagining Teaching In a Blended Classroom,” and its accompanying tools were informed by visits to schools across the country and interviews with more than 60 practitioners and experts on the ground as well as TNTP’s work since 1997 helping school districts across the United States address their most challenging talent needs.

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