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Interactive Visual Vocabulary

Building understanding of vocabulary through visual means


When implementing this strategy, it is important to not only post completed word walls, grammar walls, and other visual representations of content-based vocabulary, but also to engage students in the production of these types of supports. By having students build these interactive walls, students will better visualize meaning, build connections, and the walls can be used as a tangible support during instruction. Interactive visual vocabulary is a fun way to support students who are learning English (EL) with their language proficiency but is also a key language support for all students when mastering new content, vocabulary, and even intangible ideas.

Student Does

  • Builds connections between words and visual representations
  • Constructs different visual vocabulary that helps support mastery
  • Uses the various vocabulary walls to support learning (either through activities or even daily instruction)

Teacher Does

  • Identifies opportunities for various vocabulary walls
  • Builds out specific ways for students to engage
  • Identifies ways to use the vocabulary walls strategically during instruction or as a separate activity

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