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Mastery Videos

Students creating videos to demonstrate their knowledge of a standard


Once students complete all of the learning objectives within a standard, through IXL, they create a video of themselves working through example problems. This video is a second form of mastery demonstration and serves as a verification method before the student takes the mastery quiz. The videos also serve as resources for other students working on that standard.

Student Does

  • Notifies teacher that they have completed all of the learning objectives within a standard.
  • Creates a video demonstrating mastery of the standard by working through three problems (easy, medium, hard).

Teacher Does

  • Reviews student agenda to verify completion of the standard.
  • Provides student with iPad to create video.
  • Reviews student video to verify mastery.
  • Posts mastery videos in resource bank for others students to use.

Technology Does

  • Tracks student progress so teacher can easily check readiness for video creation.
  • Records student examples to show student mastery.
  • Provides resource bank for other students stuck on the standard.

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