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Promoting Personalization through Learner Pathways

Students choose how to engage with learning activities based on daily pre-assessments and personal preferences


Learner Pathways are a foundational element to Trailblazer’s blended approach. They outline student learning targets and house resources and content that students can use to meet those targets. While Learner Pathways provide structure for blended learning, they also allow for various types of student choice. Students are often provided with additional pathways as they progress through their learning throughout the year.

Student Does

  • Selects appropriate level of pathway based on assessments and data generated. Levels: remedial, on target, and advanced.
  • Chooses from different resources within their selected pathway based on preference.
  • Can often choose the order in which they pursue assigned learning activities (e.g. a student must spend time in a small group but can select when they do it throughout the class).

Teacher Does

  • Creates pathways that provide differentiated instruction based on student need.
  • Enables students to identify their needed path through sharing of data (pre-assessments, etc.).
  • Includes multiple types of resources and additional choice points for students within each pathway.

Technology Does

  • Provides a platform for Learner Pathways that students can choose.
  • Creates a resource bank that students can choose from.
  • Provides data to help students make the best choices.

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