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West Belden's Standards Based Reporting

Converting from letter-based system to focus on mastery


West Belden uses Standards Based Report Cards in K-5 to provide a true snapshot of student progress. This differs slightly in middle school in order to better align with high school letter grading systems. Progress through standards is still tracked to inform instruction.

Student Does

  • Uses report cards to assess progress and share with their family, similar to the process with traditional report cards.
  • Understands that progress is not achieved overnight and that it is appropriate to not have all of their standards met within the first quarter.

Teacher Does

Compiles data tracked from dashboards and PLPs and transfers it to standards-based report cards, allowing students and family to see a complete picture of academic progress (as well as other data like attendance, comments, etc.).

Technology Does

Provides interface for data input and output.

Strategy Resources

CICS WB Sample Report Card

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