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Student Choice of Learning Partners

Enabling students to determine how they work best and trusting the choice they make


Students at Lovett have a great deal of choice about whom they work with during the more individualized components of their instruction. Large group instruction usually occurs at the beginning of the week, and teachers create small groups for targeted instruction throughout the week. During the remainder of the week, students are able to choose their learning partners.

(This Approach is Illustrative of LEAP's Learner Connected Strategies)

Student Does

  • Discusses how they learn best with the teacher during conferences. They may address a variety of variables, including:

    • Preferences for working individually, with a partner, or in a group

    • Preferences for working with particular students

    • How these preferences may change based on the day

  • Chooses the right learning partner, or chooses to work independently, based on needs and preferences.

Teacher Does

  • Discusses learning preferences with students during conferences to help them determine how they learn best.
  • Enables students to choose whom they want to work with during the more individualized instructional parts of the day.

  • Creates structures in class that help students leverage each other for support, such as “see three before me” where a student needs to ask three other students for help before approaching the teacher.

  • Monitors student progress via verbal check-ins and progress tracker sheets to ensure students are making good choices for their learning partners.

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