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Student Support Structures

Creating a structure of supports to help struggling students


As students progress through learning objectives, they know exactly what to do when they get stuck. Within a student’s learning agenda, a student will select a learning objective and click on a link that leads to learning activities for that objective. When a student starts to struggle, next to the link is a video. These videos were created as example solutions by students who have already mastered the objective.

If the student is still stuck after watching the video, they can check the shared grade sheet to see which students have already mastered that objective and seek them out for help. If, for some reason, students are still not able to progress through their objective, they can then request help from the teacher. This process helps students become more self-sufficient and ensures the teacher’s time is focused on the biggest challenges.

Student Does

  • Watches student videos when stuck on a learning objective.
  • Seeks out support from other students when still stuck after watching the video(s).
  • Requests help from teacher when still stuck after getting support from other students and videos.

Teacher Does

  • Ensures there are resource videos for each learning objective.
  • Creates a class culture where students are expected to support each other.
  • Provides direct support when the student has progressed through all other options.

Technology Does

  • Provides a link to student videos within the standard or learning objective students are working on.
  • Provides a sheet showing which students have mastered a challenging standard if they are needed for support.

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