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Students Choose Learning Objectives

Providing students choice in what they learn to increase engagement


To increase engagement, students choose the learning objectives on which they'd like to focus and with whom they would like to work.

By allowing choice of learning objectives, the teacher reports three benefits:

  • Students can work with anyone in the class, not just those who work at a similar speed.
  • Students can move beyond a standard they may get stuck on. Instead of spending weeks in frustration, a student come back to the challenging standard when they have more skills and confidence.
  • Some students move at a faster-pace, which allows them to master some standards before others and provide support as needed as tutors.

Student Does

  • Chooses which standard they want to work on.
  • Chooses which learning objective they want to work on within that standard.

Teacher Does

  • Provides a list of every standard and learning objective that students need to master in 8th grade math.
  • Provides a list of resources for every standard and learning objective.

Technology Does

  • Provides an easy-to-navigate list so students can understand what they need to complete and choose the best standard and objective for them.
  • Provides learning resources for each standard and learning objective that students can access on their own.
  • Allows students to see what other students are working on.

Strategy Resources

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