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Teacher-Led Large Group Instruction

Teaching to large heterogeneous groups to maximize efficiency


ReNEW DTA hopes to accelerate all learners so that they can access grade-level content and standards. During the math block each day, the class splits time between self-paced work and teacher-led direct instruction of eighth grade curriculum.

However, due to varying levels of prerequisite readiness, students often have difficulty engaging with eighth grade math content. Often there are students who are multiple grade levels behind or ahead of the current curriculum, creating a challenge for the teacher.

The teacher tries to address this in two ways: First, she pairs the highest and lowest students during whole group instructional time. Challenged students are able to receive help from those who learned it quickly. Second, she delivers instruction quickly to maximize time available for self-paced work and intervention. Every student is able to minimize their time with the grade-level curriculum and move on to the content most relevant to their learning needs and level.

Student Does

  • Works with other students and the teacher during direct instruction.
  • Moves on to self-paced content when the material is far beyond their level.

Teacher Does

  • Groups students based on need and potential for support.
  • Provides direct instruction to large groups based on curriculum.

Technology Does

  • Provides learning resources for students working through self-paced content.