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Lovett's Teacher Planning Time

Daily individual time and weekly team time to analyze data and plan


Teachers use a variety of data points to help direct their students’ learning. Teachers are provided with a daily prep period. On Wednesdays, the administration conducts teacher planning, focusing on school or district initiatives. The other four days, teachers have an hour of individual prep and dedicate their Friday prep to meeting as a group (by pod). On Fridays, teachers often do their most intense planning using data.

The focus of Friday planning is to figure out what the next step is for each of their students. At the start of these sessions, each teacher shares an area of growth for the week and an area of celebration. Next, the group may engage in a variety of tasks based on what the needs of their classes dictate, including: aligning curriculum and assessments, adjusting the scope and sequence for the coming weeks, and discussing potential areas of improvement for student learning (e.g. working in hallways). Lovett teachers make sure to discuss the topics and pacing for the next week before concluding each Friday planning session.

Teachers match student data with the standard they are working on to determine where they should focus and differentiate their instruction. Teachers compile lists of learning activities that can meet the needs of their students and determine the best method of coordination and facilitation (e.g. small group instruction via station rotation). During the week, as instruction is provided, teachers continually review data: in class, before or after school, or during lunch or prep. Based on data teachers assess individual student and class progress to determine what adjustments need to be made throughout the day and week.

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