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Trailblazer's Team-Based Flexible Learning Spaces

Students move between learning spaces based on their learning preferences and needs


Trailblazer’s staffing, students, and building are organized by teams. There are multiple K-2 and 3-5 teams and each team operates in a certain section of the building. Within each team’s area there are four classrooms and a shared common space. Students are able to move between these four classrooms and work in the common space, as well as additional areas throughout the building (media center, etc.).

In addition to being able to work beyond their classroom, students at Trailblazer can often choose where they want to work within the classroom. They have a variety of options, including: rocking chairs, non-traditional seats, quiet reading areas, and a carpet, among others. Classrooms also provide clipboards so students can work without needing a desk or table in their learning area.

Student Does

  • Checks their Learner Pathway daily to see if there are opportunities that might require learning in another room (e.g. learning beyond grade level).
  • Determines if other learning spaces might be better suited for a particular learning activity (e.g. quiet areas, areas to collaborate).

  • Checks in with teacher to see if they can move to a location outside the classroom (if necessary) and provides teacher with a justification as to why.

Teacher Does

  • Develops Learner Pathways and assessments.
  • Provides prompts for students to move to different learning spaces through their Learner Pathway (e.g. working on a learning objective at a different grade level).

  • Ensures students have checked in with them before leaving the classroom.

  • Provides instruction to different groups of students.

Technology Does

  • Enables students to identify opportunities for learning in different environments through their Learner Pathway.

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