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Tool: Creating a Statewide Culture of Innovation

Emerging Lessons and a Tool for State and District Leaders


The Learning Accelerator and 2Revolutions teamed up to better understand the factors that contribute to innovation culture, what it takes to build and sustain it over time, and what we could learn from other organizations that innovate outside of the education sector. Their study helps us to understand the context within which innovation occurs as well as the reasons why innovating in education can be so difficult. In part, this difficulty is because building a culture of innovation has to occur in a shifting landscape - where education leaders are obligated to do as much as possible to improve the current system, while simultaneously building the conditions from which a better system can emerge.

The team identified seven factors that they believe are required to enable and sustain an active culture of innovation over time:

  • Leadership
  • Communications
  • Resource Allocation
  • Structure & Process
  • Capacity
  • Policy Environment
  • Learning Agenda

The result of the TLA and 2Revolutions study is a framework, assessment tool, and Innovation Scorecard for organizational leaders at the state level as they work to create a Culture of Innovation.