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Training: Relay GSE BL-103: Teaching Each Student

Explores data application, planning, personalization, and piloting.


Teaching Each Student, is a practice-based guide on how to start using data effectively to not only inform your instruction, but also start personalizing for your students needs. In a blended/personalized classroom, data can be overwhelming! While this course will not focus on an individual program, it will give you tools to start focusing your data analysis, which is a key skill that takes time and reflection. Data and planning works even more hand in hand in a blended/personalized classroom because of the real time data that is readily available, as well as the plethora of data being obtained by various programs throughout the day, week, month, and year. This course will help you to start looking at data with an informed eye and then transfer that knowledge to your planning through focused groups, flexible long term planning, and personalization by giving students choice around path and pace. You will leave this course knowing why your blended practice should be grounded in instructional challenges and students needs and how technology can be leveraged to address those challenges and teach your students in a more personalized manner!